Open access statement and license agreement

Multiethnica is an open access journal, which means all articles and review papers are freely accessible via the Internet. Articles will be archived in the DiVA electronic repository through Uppsala University. Multiethnica is also published in print form simultaneously or after articles are made available online. The journal is fully financed by the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University. We do not charge any fees for processing, evaluation or submission, or for downloading articles for non-commercial use.

The articles published in Multiethnica are copyright protected. This means we allow download, copy and dissemination free of charge, provided that the integrity of the article is maintained and the appropriate citation information and author attribution is provided.

Authors retain copyright and grant the journal the right of first publication. The work will be simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License, that allows others to share the work. However, this right will be conditioned by an acknowledgement of the work’s authorship and of its initial publication in this journal. We use the CC BY-NC-ND license (Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs). This means the articles can be downloaded and shared as long as the author is credited. It is not allowed to change the content or to use it for commercial purposes. Both the author(s) and the editorial board must agree to the later publication of translations of the article.

All authors publishing with Multiethnica accept these license terms, which are also included in the License Agreement they sign.

Multiethnica is an Open Access journal
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