Double-blind peer review

All manuscripts submitted to Multiethnica must be original research and meet the aims and scope of the journal. Providing the article is suitable, the editor will send it out for double-blind peer review. This entails review by at least two external experts for whom the identity of the author remains unknown and who remain unidentified for the author. The peer review process typically takes up to three months. In addition to providing detailed comments, reviewers recommend one of the following options for each manuscript: reject, revise and resubmit (major revisions), accept with minor revisions, accept. Based on the expert reviews and subsequent revisions, if necessary, the managing editor will recommend the manuscript for approval to the editorial board which makes the final decision on whether to publish. Multiethnica will publish the articles only after they have undergone rigorous “double-blind” peer review and after revisions suggested by the reviewers have been taken into account.

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