Aims and scope

Multiethnica is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on ethnic relations, by which is meant various aspects dealing with ethnicity, nationalism, minority studies and ethnic conflict. Focus is on the situation in the Nordic countries, but we also publish articles with wider international perspectives. The interdisciplinary character of the journal is reflected both on the topics and themes that are dealt with and cover theory and methodological approaches from the entire domain of humanities and social sciences. As a consequence, the members of the editorial committee represent different disciplines, but we also engage with an external advisory committee consisting of various international experts on the topic. All articles are peer-reviewed and published in English or Swedish.

Multiethnica is published in December on an annual basis. Journal back issues can be ordered through the Uppsala University Libary (, or be downloaded as PDF files.

ISSN (print): 0284-396X
ISSN (online): 2002-3413

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